First Letters

History has heavily associated this disease to us,
It was considered as our “plague” when it started to spread.
Very few of us understood how this could affect a culture,
After all, nobody found our “ill mentality” tolerable.
Innocent, we are not, according to their bigoted minds,
Death started to kiss not only us, so it should not be ours,
Still we’re at fault because our backyard started the wildfire.
It took decades for people to really understand it,
Never did some of them stop relating us to the disease,
Giving most what they think is their right to marginalize.
Awareness opened a lot of minds about dealing with it,
Yet some still choose turn a blind eye, turn a deaf ear.
Manifestations of this unfortunate disease caused alienation,
Everyone should know the courage it takes to live with it,
Nobody deserves to be left out because of misinformation.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting short stories and poetry that will hit you right in the feels. Want to send a contribution? Click here.

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