The Blame Game

A dog gets hit by a car, it’s Renz’s fault because he didn’t tell the dog to watch out. Bank gets robbed, it’s Renz’s fault because he didn’t lock down although he doesn’t work there. Earth gets destroyed by a meteor, it’s Renz’s fault because he didn’t muster enough strength to be Superman and stop it from destroying the planet.

Those are just a few exaggerated examples of the blame that I had to take growing up. It was difficult at first, but as I got used to it, I just started to let it go. I have never been so wrong.

It is really unfortunate that people can’t take responsibility for their actions, and had to blame their mistakes on other people. There are a few people in this planet who actually understand the concept of reason, they all just automatically go to blame whenever something bad happens.

While I can talk about how I perfected the art of taking the blame, which is totally a mistake, I would rather talk about the things I learned and realized while I lived my life as a blame magnet.

It would definitely help a lot more if we take responsibility for the actions that we have done, and not blaming it on others, and it would be a lot more helpful for everyone if we stop taking all the blame or blaming ourselves for the things that we really didn’t do.

Living a life where you are used to taking blame, your perspective is really going to change negatively. For example, when you see something broken, you will automatically be nervous because you already know that some people are going to blame you for it, and that causes a lot of stress. Another example is whenever you see someone mad, you would automatically think that they’re mad at you instead of thinking that you should give them space.

Knowing the difference between taking responsibility, and taking the blame is going to help you in a lot of situations, and it would take away the stress of taking the blame. Taking responsibility gives you awareness within yourself, as well as to the people around you, while taking the blame only gives self-consciousness.

Knowing your place, and having a voice, plus balancing that with self-awareness, you would automatically eradicate the habit of blaming not only the people around you but also yourself.

In the end, knowing that blaming does not really help in any given situation, and recognizing who did what and who has to own up to something is the way to eradicate the tendency to blame or take blame is all that matters.

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