‘Losing My Religion’

Count the number of times you have been criticized in a preachy manner and religion-based judgments because of the kind of lifestyle you want to live, then count the number of times that your kind of lifestyle harmed anyone.

The gap between the numbers that you’re going to get is going to give you an answer whether the kind of lifestyle you’re living is good or bad. It’s not really going to give you any answers as to whether what they are preaching is right or wrong.

I get it if this will strike a nerve to some people because I know that religion is a very sensitive issue. I guess we’re all going to have to buckle up for this because it’s going to be a little controversial.

This is the kind of conversation that usually takes place when people talk me about religion. “What’s your religion?” they ask. “None,” I answer. “Then what do you believe in?” they ask again. “God,” I answer. “Which God?” they ask. Then I would just smirk, and leave them in a string of curiosity and confusion as they try to understand the message I’m sending. I was not always like that, but growing up definitely provided a lot of experience for me to change the way I believe in things.

I was exposed to Catholicism really early, and it felt like I didn’t really have a choice then. My mindset when I was younger was if you don’t practice Catholicism, then you’re pretty much worshipping the devil. As I grew up, I was made aware of other religions, as well as their very strict rules and doctrines, and I also started having my own opinions and awareness about the different agendas of these religions.

These differences confused me, and it sort of driven me away from Catholicism to a point where I could not even go to church without furrowing my eyebrows, and grumbling something under my breath as I listen to the priest’s opinion on the complicated Christening names, and how the latest trends changed people’s lives.

I attended a Catholic University for my undergraduate course, and it required me to study the bible. I did not really pay much attention back then, and most would consider me a demon for saying this, but going to a Catholic University has shown me that religion is nothing but an ideology created by people based on their own interpretations of a book that was written thousands of years ago.

While there are those who claim that they are only the people going to heaven for practicing a certain religion, there are those who use religion as an excuse to terrorize and kill, and sometimes it could even cause war. These facts definitely made me fear religion, and it’s not just those reasons. Most religions say that my lifestyle is a crime, and is punishable by death, so yes, I opted out of it.

I was always told that having no religion means having nothing to stand for, but I realized that having no religion at all is already something that I stand for firmly. Losing my religion has introduced me to a more open-minded approach to living my life and practicing my beliefs, and that is spirituality.

How does spirituality work? Here’s an example: Religion is often concerned with a certain dogma, and the fear of God, while Spirituality places a little concern on intellectual beliefs, while at the same time having the consciousness of the Divine presence.

Spirituality is also just an ideology, but it is not constrained by a strict system of beliefs that takes offense on almost everything, including progress and most of the times, science.

As I have mentioned, I am not against religion, but in my opinion, it is always up to the people to who practice a certain religion to show others why their belief system is good, as it’s supposed to be, and is for the betterment of the world we all live in.

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