An open letter to my friend who was too late

I knew the moment I met you that we were going to have a special relationship.
You always treated me like a brother, but I wanted to be something else to you.
I made sure that those feelings were going to stay in the shadows
For I don’t want to ruin the bond, although inside, I wanted to stay true.

We watched and helped each other get through the difficult times of our lives,
We made sure that we felt comfortable at times we were most vulnerable.
It is as if our souls were one whenever we speak about our philosophies,
We were inseparable, and I would rather have that than nothing at all.

When I found out that this is something that you had knowledge about,
It had my heart racing, because I did not know where it was going to lead.
You said it was fine, that you understood everything, and you were flattered,
And with that we moved on, we still remained friends as we both agreed.

From that moment on, I started to learn how to love you only as a friend,
And you continued to assure me that things will not change in any way.
You went along whenever our other friends tease us for being too sweet,
But you still firmly announced to everyone that you are not gay.

I started dating guys, and I thought that I was going to have your full support,
Then I noticed you started to become distant, something I could respect.
Reading you was always a cinch, but this time I can’t find out the reason,
That’s when our friendship crumbled, the disconnection taking its effect.

Days passed by, and I started thinking and hearing less about you,
That is when I found out the reason, something I didn’t want to believe,
You had feelings for me, too, but you “realized it when it was too late,”
And seeing me with other people was so painful, so you decided to leave.

I confronted you, and you told me that what I learned was true,
You said you wanted me to give you a chance, but I was already with someone,
You told me to break it off with the other person, but I know that I couldn’t,
You said we can’t be friends after this, but I felt our friendship has been long gone.

Although I wanted to rekindle the friendship that we used to have,
I didn’t like the way you had the audacity to make such demand,
I didn’t want you to feel the pain, nor did I want to watch you fall apart,
You were too late, and it has been always up to you to work out this bond.

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