Top 10 Favorite Pokémon Game Characters

The changes in Pokémon has brought upon a lot of memorable moments in the game involving not only the player characters but as well as the background characters that make the story more colorful.

For this week’s Top List, I’m going to give you ten of my favorite characters from the Pokémon games.

10. Marlon

“Listen, ‘K. Believe in somethin’! Searchin’ for stolen Pokémon is fine! Keepin’ Unova from bein’ iced over’s fine too! It’s all good. But think ’bout why you’re doin’ that. The strength of your beliefs is what gives you and your Pokémon power!”

The Gym Leader of Humilau City Gym in Black 2/White 2, Marlon is a very relaxed and carefree guy who has a big heart for Pokémon. Despite appearing only shortly prior to the battle on the Plasma Frigate, you would easily observe that he is a good character.

The best part of Marlon’s character is the way he gives passionate advice despite his obliviousness.

9. Tierno

“The best Trainer… If being the best Trainer had more to do with dancing, then I might have a chance.”

Tierno is one of your friends/rivals in X/Y. His goal is not actually to be the greatest Pokémon Trainer, but to create a dance group with Pokémon which have amazing dance moves.

I really enjoy Tierno’s character, and I think he’s definitely the one who keeps lighting up the mood in X and Y. For me, he stands out, and is definitely a better character than the other three rivals from the Generation VI games.

8. Cynthia

“Listen, ‘K. Believe in somethin’! Searchin’ for stolen Pokémon is fine! Keepin’ Unova from bein’ iced over’s fine too! It’s all good. But think ’bout why you’re doin’ that. The strength of your beliefs is what gives you and your Pokémon power!”

Cynthia is the Champion of the Sinnoh region’s Pokémon League. She is the first female champion ever encountered by Pokémon trainers and I think that alone shows why she deserves to be in this list. She spends time researching about Legendary Pokémon and also explores areas associated with them.

Cynthia’s interest in mythology and history makes her an extraordinary character, and she has a satisfyingly strong team that you’ll feel overjoyed when you beat her.

7. Youngster Joey

“Remember my super cool Rattata? My Rattata is different from regular Rattata. It’s like my Rattata is in the top percentage of all Rattata.”

An NPC that appears in Gold/Silver/Crystal and HeartGold/SoulSilver, Youngster Joey is the first trainer that the player battles in the game next to the rival. You register each other in the Pokégear so he can contact you for a rematch later in the game.

You’re probably asking: Youngster Joey over Cynthia? Well, yes. If you ask people to name one NPC trainer, they would probably say Youngster Joey. Other than that, Youngster Joey is the original meme lord even before memes existed. That’s how big of an NPC trainer he is.

6. Scott

“I visit here regularly in hopes of seeing tough Trainers in action in whatever the situation.”

Scott is a character that appears only in the Emerald version of Pokémon and he is the owner of the Generation III Battle Frontier. Throughout the gameplay in Emerald, he could be encountered multiple times.

Although it almost seems like he’s following the trainer, Scott is just travelling around Hoenn scouting for trainers who are worthy of being invited to the Battle Frontier. In my opinion, he’s a really fun and memorable character making Emerald more memorable than Ruby/Sapphire, despite having pretty much the same plot.

5. Hugh

“I suppose that’s it. If winning in battles is strength, then believing that your Pokémon will come back and waiting for its return is also strength. Doing what you think is right no matter what anyone else says, like these guys do, is strength, too.”

The rival character for Black 2/White 2, Hugh is the player’s childhood friend who hates Team Plasma for stealing his little sister’s Purrloin. He actually travels across Unova not to become the champion, but to become stronger so he can beat Team Plasma, and despite being the rival of the game, Hugh actually considers the player as his partner.

Hugh’s passion and drive for what he is doing is very admirable and that’s the main reason why he’s included in this list.

4. Bill

“Hiya! I’m a Pokémon… …No I’m not! Call me Bill! I’m a true-blue Pokémaniac!”

The guy who developed the Pokémon Storage System who is regarded as an expert in many fields of Pokémon for being a researcher, Bill is a character that appears from Generation I to Generation IV of the Pokémon games.

Bill, for me, is a very memorable character because the first time I played Pokémon, he is the reason why I got stuck in the game for a really long time. I actually had a laugh when I encountered Bill again in the Generation III games because of his trouble with the Teleporter.

3. Johto Mom

“Be careful. Pokémon are your friends. You need to work as a team. Now, go on!”

The Player’s mom in Johto, of course, appears in Gold/Silver/Crystal and HeartGold/SoulSilver. You have the option to let her save your money, and then she spends them on Pokédolls, berries, and other items, then apologizes for spending the money that you’re supposed to be saving.

Her involvement in the Johto games actually taught me how to save money, and the fact that she buys things for you with your money makes it really feel that you have an in-game mom.

2. Blue

“Smell ya later!”

Blue is the original rival in the games, and I really love his personality. Despite being cocky and mean to the player, Blue is a very driven individual, and despite being told by Professor Oak that Blue hasn’t realized how to care for Pokémon, it is evident that he has because he managed to become a Gym Leader in the Gold/Silver/Crystal versions, and the Generation II remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver.

What I like about Blue is his very competitive nature which makes the game really enjoyable, and also intense battles.

Who are your favorite Pokémon characters and why? Discuss in the comments below!

1. Red


If the original rival is on the second spot, of course the original protagonist has to take the number one spot. Red is the player of the Generation I games Red/Green/Blue/Yellow and the male player of the Generation III remakes FireRed/LeafGreen.

I feel like I sort of have a personal attachment with Red, which is weird, because he’s just a player, but you know, Pokémon is the only game that really got my interest and full attention when I was young.

Red returns in Gold/Silver/Crystal and HeartGold/SoulSilver as the final opponent. He is known throughout as the Champion from Pallet Town who defeated Team Rocket, and seeing him again in Black 2/White 2 as an opponent sort of gives you hope that your encounter with him at Mt. Silver wasn’t his end.

Who are your favorite characters from the Pokémon games and why? Discuss in the comments below!

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