Where Are Our Heroes?

Andres Bonifacio, the Supremo of the Katipunan which started the Philippine revolution to seek independence for the Filipinos from Spain; Gabriela Silang, the first female revolutionary leader of the Philippines who also fought for Independence; Jose Rizal, the writer of two novels that awakened the Filipino’s spirit of nationalism and inspired the rebellion against the tyranny of Spain.

These are just some of the well know National Heroes who fought for the freedom of the country making sure that there is a bright future for the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

An OFW mother who is working abroad to provide for her family; a police man who work late at night risking his life to protect his countrymen; a journalist trying to write a report while on field to, as much as possible, responsibly provide us with information to know what the state of the country is; an artist making sure that the culture and arts of the Philippines will be preserved and live on forever.

These are our modern heroes who are maintaining the freedom of the country that the historical figures gained for us. They are the people who work hard to make the country better and are rightfully considered heroes. Despite of that, it still raises this question: With everything that has been happening lately, who are the true heroes?

While there are people trying to provide logical, informative, and factual arguments in the comment section of a news article, there are those who insult intelligence with their illogical, idiotic, and overly subjective opinion.

While there are people trying to seek progress for themselves and for the country, there are those who sit around waiting for someone to make a mistake so they can get offended by it and provide their unwarranted criticism.

While there are people who rally for truth and justice, there are those who bandwagon with false accusations, threats, and insults to prevent those who want peace to prevail.

While there are those who observe our country’s leaders and speak up about it if deemed necessary, there are those who follow them blindly to a point that they can’t see the crimes and errors these people commit.

Ask yourselves: Do you want to be one of the people in the latter of the previous four paragraphs? If yes, then do you think what you’re doing is heroic? Those are obviously rhetorical questions, but somehow, it’s also a slap back to reality.

It is not that easy, however, because some people will still continue doing the latter even after reading this. With that, there is a simple reason to not be one of them: They should be stopped.

Yes, these people provide balance in the intellectual aspect of the nation, but this is not going to help the country’s progress. What they’re doing is not okay. What they’re doing is not, as most would put it, an idiotic act of trolling. What they’re doing is preventing the true heroes from rising up.

Where are our heroes? We are our heroes. We just have to find a way to live up to it.

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