Journal Highlights: A Question Burned into My Memory

Burn into is an idiom that I never understood until I found this piece of paper stuck between the pages of my 2014 journal. Once I read what I had written in that piece of paper, it reminded me the tone of the person when the question was asked, and the way I had to hold onto my anger back then.

I didn’t keep a journal back then, so maybe I may have written this on a piece of paper thinking that I would write about it on my journal later on in my life. It’s not really an entry on my journal, but since I found it hidden between the pages of my journal, I would still consider it a highlight. Let’s begin digging into The Adrenalist Writer’s Past, but still keep it a little private as possible.

When I was young, my cousins would always tease me saying that I was adopted, and I would cry a river and make sure that an adult hears me so I could tell on them. I just really hated being told that I wasn’t adopted and all of the things and other questions that I ask myself whenever my jerk cousins would say such things.

It’s just kids being kids, but you know, if I were a parent, I would honestly wash their mouth their soap because I feel like that should be considered an expletive for children. Let me add that it’s also sort of an emotional abuse because you know, a lot of things could be going on in a children’s mind when such things are said, and this could break them permanently whether it’s true or not.

It was in 2007 when I first learned and made the realization that my family is not complete and will probably never be, and it has been that way for about seven years before I even found out. I was young, so I didn’t really know how to feel about it at first. It would be better to talk about how I felt and how this changed me in an entirely different post. Coming soon! The Metamorphosis of the Adrenalist Writer in a Broken Family. I’ll keep you guys updated for that one, but don’t count on it.

Kidding aside, it was all good, and I was slowly coming terms with it as I met the new people in one side of my broken family until the question was asked. It was exactly how it was written in the piece of paper I found, well, except for the date of course:

May, 2007

Are you sure you’re [blank]’s son? You don’t even look like her.

I put blank because writing how my mom was addressed would give away my mom’s relationship with the person who asked the question. I can assure you guys that it wasn’t one of my cousins.

I can vividly remember how confidently, and annoyingly the question was asked. If only I wasn’t trying to enjoy the only time I could spend with my younger sister back then, I would have totally snapped. I knew I would, if this happened now, without any hesitation.

I am going to leave this highlight with two simple lessons:

  1. Burn into is used to figuratively describe anything implanted firmly into someone’s head, brain, or memory.
  2. People, in any age, if I might add, should know that it’s not okay to ask these kinds of questions to anyone, especially not to children.

Writing in a journal reminds you of your past – good or bad, your goals, your dreams, the things you learn, and the conversations you had with yourself. Want to share a story from your journal? Click here.

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