A Home Away From Home (2011)

I reached a place with an entirely different culture and surroundings,
A language I can’t understand, I knew I had to learn things.
But how am I going to do that if this is not what I wanted?
At first, it was overwhelming, but now I’m bewildered.

People laugh at me because I didn’t know their gestures,
I’m going to have to settle in this life full of adventures
In a place where I am supposed to be happy, not frustrated,
I wanted a new start, not a regained energy wasted.

If only it was that easy to go back home,
I would but there’s a lot more areas I have to roam.
A home away from home? It’s kind of baffling,
But I have to move on, and experience this unraveling.

Mood swings, and sad moments could bother me anytime,
But getting used to new things is not a crime,
And as I grasped with what’s left, and what’s right,
I learned to be the pilot of my new life’s flight.

Culture shock, that is, indeed, what I felt,
But all my worries about it have started to melt.
I am home away from home, I finally accept it,
I am lost puzzle piece, and I found an area where I’ll fit.

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