Top 5 Creepypastas Adapted Into Short Films That Will Keep You Up At Night

Have you ever been frightened by a story that you read online? Chances are it’s a creepypasta, horror stories that float around the Internet that will surely disturb, terrify, and haunt you especially at night.

The stories are perfectly crafted to make them feel realistic making the reading experience more nightmare inducing. But what if those written materials are adapted into short films? Are you up for the challenge to sit through them without closing your eyes and covering your ears? For this week’s Top List, I’m going to share five of my favorite short film adaptations based on creepypastas.

5. White With Red by Brandon Christensen

When you check into a hotel and you are told not to look into the room next yours by the hotel receptionist, it is, without a doubt, best to listen.

White With Red is a story about a man who decided to do otherwise. You can read the entire story here.

If you have read the story, you will exactly get that same chilling feels when you watch the film. Brandon Christensen’s adaptation excellently followed the original plot, with only a few alterations, which made the experience even more exciting for those who enjoyed the creepypasta. The location is also worth mentioning because it is the major factor that set up the horror atmosphere.

4. Smile Dog by Jayk Pound Productions

Remember chain messages? Those kinds that if you won’t forward will curse you for the rest of your life? Well that is exactly what this next creepypasta is all about.

Smile Dog is one of the most classic creepypasta on the Internet, in my opinion. It is an image of a titled smile.jpg that once viewed will incite insanity. The Creepypasta Wiki states that no copy of the exact image exists and the true image of smile.jpg will only be known after it has taken its effects on the viewer. Forwarding the image is the only way to break the curse.

The classic creepypasta was realized into a short film by YouTube user Jayk Pound. The film itself is not as mentally scarring as the image of the dog, which you can view here, but it has that very simplistic terror factor that will still surely haunt you in your sleep.

3. Fathom by Gearmark TV

If you’ve read multiple stories about him online, and played the game that was inspired by the urban legend that revolves around him, then this short film is the one for you.

The most popular creepypasta character of all time, Slender Man is a thin, tall man, that has a black, featureless face, wearing a black suit. The character has been featured in many stories where he stalks and abducts children.

Gearmark Pictures may be different from the common stories you see online, but the short film will still surely terrify you. Other than the impeccable acting present in Gearmark Pictures’ adaptation, the film also has a very good production value making it superior compared to the other films that feature the Slender Man.

2. The Midnight Man by 8-BitMassacre

There are all sorts of horror rituals on the Internet, but we do not know if the effects of these rituals are true. I personally would never try any after reading stories about these rituals, and this short film has motivated me more to not perform such activities.

The Midnight Man Ritual or The Midnight Game is a ritual performed at midnight where a being called the Midnight Man is summoned. The participant or participants must try to survive the Midnight Man until 3:33 AM. You can read the information and the instructions of the ritual here.

The short film adaptation of this creepypasta by 8-BitMassacre is a brilliantly crafted found footage type of film. The realistic portrayal of the protagonist makes the experience really scary, and the ending will very much be appreciated by true horror fans.

1. 2AM: The Smiling Man by Michael Evans

Imagine walking alone in an empty street in the middle of the night, and you encounter a man with a weird posture, his eyes open wide matched with a very wide cartoony smile. Not only that, imagine that man dance-walking towards you. What would you do?

The Smiling Man is a creepypasta by blue_tidal about a man who experienced what I just mentioned above. You can read the full story on this Reddit post.

There may not be too much dialogue in the short film, but Michael Evans’s adaptation of the creepypasta will still give you the chills. Their use of sound effects is very tasteful, and Sean Simon’s acting is flawless. Without the use of supernatural beings or humanoid monsters, the story still managed to be terrifying. It is, without a doubt, my favorite short film based on a creepypasta.

Which of the short films do you think is the scariest? What other creepypastas would you like to see adapted into a film? Let me know in the comments below!

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Header Image: Gearmark Pictures Retrieved From YouTube.

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