The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’

Do you know a man who admitted to having multiple wives and girlfriends but is deemed a hero of the nation by his illogical, bandwagon-riding, intellect-hating followers? Do you know a woman who is allegedly having affairs with another man based on hearsays and not evidences and is deemed immoral just because a man said so? If you are a Filipino, then you most certainly do.

It was on Wednesday, August 17, when President Rodrigo Duterte targeted Sen. Leila de Lima in his speech, a few days before the Senate probe on extrajudicial killings, which the latter would lead as the chair of the Senate committee on justice and human rights.

The President alleged that De Lima was having an affair with her driver who was collecting drug money for her during the campaign.

“Here is an immoral woman, flaunting well of course in so far as wife of the driver was concerned, it’s adultery,” he said. “Here is a woman who funded the house of her lover. Those [moneys] came readily from drugs. The intercept between Muntinlupa and the driver were far beyond making sure that somebody was involved,” the President continued without any piece of evidence to back it up with.

What are the President’s motivations for saying such things readily without any proof to support such statement? Is it because he knows that those allegations are true, or is it because of Sen. De Lima’s persistence on investigating the Davao Death Squad back when she was the chair of the Commission on Human Rights and her recent filing of a Senate resolution to probe extrajudicial killings? The President demolished the female senator’s character, and the reason behind it will be enigmatic until he shows any evidence that would prove the allegations.

It is a little unnerving that someone in the highest high can speak like that without evidence, and majority of the nation would celebrate his existence, and a little disheartening that the woman whom he’s attacking fights for human rights and justice, but she’s being berated by everyone for being “immoral” only by allegations.

President Duterte also recently said that he has witnesses to prove this, and De Lima is willing to be shot in front of the President provided that the evidences presented are real. But with or without witnesses, the fact that the President can blatantly talk about having multiple affairs and is not being considered “immoral” for it proves the existence of hypocrisy and double standard in the society.

Why is that President Duterte, or any other men who philander, are invulnerable to condemnation for such actions? Why is that when a woman like Sen. De Lima is alleged for being immoral, people stand by those allegations and are ready to spite and celebrate how she was verbally attacked?

The Philippines is, without a doubt, swamped with corruption, crab mentality, illegal drugs, and a lot of other negative things, but the worst, so far, is the existence of double standards that tampered with the way Filipinos see things. It is the reason why most Filipinos can’t achieve anything. It is also the reason why even the comment section of social media post is filled with extensive illogical arguments, rape and death threats, as well profanities.

It’s a little cliché to ask when will such idiosyncrasy end. The better question now would be: How long will the country last with the existence of this double standard, and will the nation be able to thrive if all that remain are people with such mentality?

One final statement for this post: Look what you people have got yourselves into.

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