The Walking Dead Season 7: Character Episode Guide and Predictions

The Spoiling Dead Fans have been keeping track on The Walking Dead season 7 filming, and they shared a list showing us the suspected number of episodes that the characters are going to appear in.

If you’re a member on The Spoiling Dead Fans site, you can view the list here. If you can’t view the list, here it is!

WARNING: This list contains potential spoilers.

  • Rick – 1,4,5,7,8
  • Carl – 1,4,5,7,8
  • Michonne – 1,4,5,7,8
  • Daryl – 1,2,4,7(?),8
  • Maggie – 1,5,8
  • Glenn – 1
  • Carol – 1*,3,8
  • Morgan – 1*,3,8
  • Abe – 1
  • Sasha – 1,5,8
  • Eugene – 1,4(?),6,7,8
  • Rosita – 1,4,6,7,8
  • Tara – 1*,6,8
  • Aaron – 1,4,5,7,8
  • Negan – 1,2,4,7,8
  • Dwight – 1,2,4,7
  • Steve Ogg – 1,5
  • Jesus – 5,7,8
  • Enid -1*,4,5,8(?)
  • Father Gabriel – 1(?)4,7,8
  • Spencer- 1*(?)4,7,8
  • Olivia – 4,7,8
  • Eric – 1*,4,8(?)
  • Heath – 6
  • Gregory – 5,8
  • Sherry- 2,7
  • Judith – 1*,7
  • Tobin – 4(?), 8
  • Ezekiel – 3

New characters from casting calls:

  • “Jennie” – 6
  • “Naomi” – 6
  • “Rogers” (Richard) – 3,8
  • “Blake” – 3

(*) Character should appear in rumored dream sequence in episode 1

My Predictions:

Let’s start with the biggest potential spoiler from this list: Glenn and Abraham appearing only in episode 1. After the TV show didn’t follow Abraham’s comic death, there have been a lot of speculations that he would be the one getting the Lucille treatment. However, based on the list, it seems like Abraham is not the only one getting it, but Glenn as well. In the comics, in case you guys still don’t know, it was Glenn who got Lucilled, so it looks like the TV show finally followed one of the most iconic death from its source material.

For the second episode, the list shows us Daryl, Dwight, Negan, and Sherry, Dwight’s wife who we last saw on 6×06. Based on this, I think the episode would show us The Saviors’ way of life, and this seems to point that the speculations about Daryl being taken by the Saviors could be true.

If the list is right about Carol, Morgan, and Ezekiel appearing in 7×03, this could mean that this is the episode where The Kingdom will be introduced. In the comics, The Kingdom is a community of survivors based at a high school surrounded by a wall of buses and sheets of metal.

Meanwhile, on 7×06, it looks like we will be following Tara and Heath on their run. In the trailer, we have seen a glimpse of what seemed like trouble for the two. Also appearing in the episode are characters named Jennie and Naomi. This is only the episode in the list where Heath is allegedly going to appear on. I have a feeling this will be his final episode simply because of his lead role in 24: Legacy.

I think 7×04 will focus on Alexandria, while 7×05 will focus on The Hilltop.

For 7×07, I think we will see Jesus in action as seen in the trailer. I think this episode will be the one that will give us full momentum on what we should expect on the midseason finale.

With the number of characters appearing on the midseason finale, I think we are going to be in for a treat for this is the episode where they show us the beginning of the war, and I feel that there would be major casualties.

The list will be updated as new episodes are filmed. I will try to keep you guys updated, but if not, you can always join The Spoiling Dead Fans to be updated about the latest The Walking Dead news, spoilers, and speculations.

The seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere on October 23, 2016.

Are you excited for the seventh season of The Walking Dead? Who do you think is going to die on the first half of the season based on this list? Share your predictions in the comments below.

Header Image: AMC retrieved from Digital Spy.

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