The Joke’s On Us

This year, I have been so involved in Philippine politics that there are a lot of things I could talk about when it comes to the people who are in position right now. This election also changed the way I see the Filipino people because now, I am slightly losing hope for the sole reason they elected to put a boxer who is the number 1 absentee in house when he was still a congressman.

There is a question that still remains in my head since the proclamation of the senators for the May 9 election: Did they really just vote for Manny Pacquiao?

There is nothing that we can really do now, because he’s already there, and majority of the people in our country made that happen. We just have to endure 6 years of him and expect whatever it is that come out of his mouth: like that one time when he said people in same-sex relationships are worse than animals, and recently, his debut speech in the senate about death penalty.

Death penalty is a really huge issue, and it’s a really serious one. Is it okay to stop evil with evil?  That is the question that must be answered, and it seems like the senate and the country is divided with the answer. Pacquiao has taken his stand, but instead of giving an intelligent speech to convince us that the capital punishment he is trying to support is right, he decided to give us a punchline.

It is also understandable if Pacquiao will not use the Philippine Constitution as a basis for the laws that he’s going to try to pass or support, because he already has the Bible as a reference. Your beloved senator supports death penalty, because according to the Bible, it’s okay. I am not being sarcastic in this statement, truly. He clearly understands the inviolability of the separation of church and state.

There are a lot of studies that could provide statistics, pros and cons, empirical evidence, and intelligible arguments that he could have referenced in such a case, but none of those were present in his speech, instead, he cited the good old handy-dandy Bible. I am not surprised by this at all, because I expected him to deliver his stand in the senate as if he was preaching in a church. What surprised me was his punchline at the end as if he was a novice stand-up comedian who is trying hard to deliver a funny joke to make everyone laugh.

“Are we greater than God? Because God allows death penalty in every nation,” he said. That is true, in fact, the Old Testament prescribed death penalty to an extensive list of crimes including prostitution, disobedience to parents, doing work on the Sabbath, adultery, perjury in capital cases, blasphemy, false prophecy, and a lot of other things. Yes, he conveniently forgot to enumerate these things because that’s how consistent he is when he references his holy constitution.

He also forgot to cite that in the New Testament, Jesus totally rejected the principle of the Old Testament about capital punishment. Jesus also said that we do not have the right to pass judgment on one another. Pacquiao should also talk about that. Was Jesus being a rebellious son for disobeying his father?

I really didn’t mean to cite the Bible, but there is no better way to battle an argument that lacks consistency than to cite their own reference.

In his speech, when he was asked by his fellow senator, Tito Sotto, about the type of executions they should use for criminals, Pacquiao said he preferred hanging or firing squad. When Sotto queried if this was because these methods were less expensive, Pacquiao delivered the punchline: “Sisipain lang po yung upuan (We just have to kick the chair).” Yes, your beloved senator just tried to pull a joke about death. There you have it Filipinos, and you should probably expect for more!

Holy man, holy man,
Thinks it’s funny
To joke about death.

Pacquiao did apologize for the joke, but only after Sen. Francis Pangilinan called him out about it.

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