Pokémon GO Now Available in the Philippines

After more than a month from its initial release in selected countries, Pokémon GO is now available in the Philippines.

Yes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. The game may now be downloaded from the Apple Store and Play Store for free.

The game uses your geographical location, and as you move within your surroundings, your avatar also moves within the game’s map.

Features on the map include PokéStops, which provide you with items, such as Poké Balls, eggs, lure modules, and healing items. There are also Pokémon Gyms, located in landmarks and other places of interests, which serve as the battle locations for team-based king of the hill matches.

Unlike other Pokémon games, the ultimate goal of Pokémon GO is not battling, but to complete the entries in the Pokédex by capturing and evolving to obtain the original 151 Pokémon.

During an encounter with a wild Pokémon, it is not necessary to battle the Pokémon first before capturing it, as you may throw a Poké Ball at it, immediately, by flicking it from the bottom of the screen up toward the Pokémon. The catch rate will depend on the right force, timing, and type of Poké Ball used. After capturing a wild Pokémon, the player is awarded two types of in-game currencies: candies and stardust which may be used to level up and raise a Pokémon’s “combat power” (CP). Also, with enough candies, you may evolve your Pokémon. Each Pokémon evolution tree has its own type of candy, which can only be used to evolve or level up. Transferring Pokémon back to the Pokémon professor gives you one more candy and this creates room for more Pokémon.

For your character to level up, you need to earn experience points by doing various activities in-game. Once you reach level five, you are allowed to battle a Pokémon gym and join one of the three factions in the Pokémon GO world: Team Valor is represented by the color red, and uses Moltres as their mascot; Team Mystic is represented by the colore blue, and uses Articuno as their mascot; Team Instinct is represented by the color yellow, and uses Zapdos as their mascot.

According to Kotaku, if players enter a Pokémon gym that is controlled by a player that is not part of their team, they can challenge the leader to lower the gym’s “prestige”, and once the prestige of a gym is lowered to zero, the player will take control of the gym and is able to deposit one Pokémon to defend it. Aditionally, a team can upgrade the prestige of a gym under their control by battling the gym leader. Each time a gym’s level is raised, another player from the same team can deposit one of their Pokémon.

The game also offers in-app purchases for items such as Poké balls, Lure Modules, and more. There is also an augmented reality (AR) mode which uses your mobile device’s camera to display an image of a Pokémon as though it were in the real world. You can also take screen shots of the Pokémon you encounter.

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

How ready are you for Pokémon GO in the Philippines? Indeed, all trainers leave home someday. Sound in the comments below to talk about your Pokémon GO experience.

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