An Hour of Pokémon GO Experience

Pokémon GO is now available in the Philippines and Filipino Pokémon Trainers were immediately on the move to test the mobile game. Being a self-proclaimed Pokémon Master, of course, I had to try the game to see what made even those who used to despise Pokémon love it.

I downloaded the game and immediately tried signing up. It was hard at first because the game kept crashing, and I wouldn’t fault the game for that, because I’m pretty sure that it was the device I’m using. After about 3 minutes of trying, I finally managed to get through with the crashing and customize my character.

The biggest issue as of now is the speed of the Internet in the Philippines. It took forever for my GPS to respond and for the map to load. Once the game loaded, I found out that there are three Pokéstops nearby, and a Gym that I can battle from home. This is understandable because I live in a fairly remote area.

The first Pokémon I caught was a Charmander, as part of my strategy was using my geographical location to catch different Pokémon based on their typings. I knew I would be able to easily find Water-type Pokémon because there is a body of water nearby.

About two minutes after capturing Charmander, I immediately encountered a Bellsprout. After throwing the Poké ball, the game crashed. When I opened it again, a wild Kingler appeared! It was a little hard to catch it at first, probably because of its rarity, and all I had were regular Poké balls, but after about breaking out six times, I still managed to catch it.

Here’s a chart I found online to show you the encounter rate for each Pokémon:

PokemonGO Encounter Rate

After catching Kingler, I found out that I also caught the Bellsprout which I thought was gone after the game crashed. Immediately, I had my alternatives to the other two starter typings.

After this, I tried one of the items in the game, the Incense. In the handheld games, there are different types of Incense that function differently. In Pokémon GO, it lures wild Pokémon to your location and it lasts for 30 minutes. When I used the item, Pokémon started popping up and I caught 5 different species, the Pidgeys and Rattatas appearing almost 6 times. Immediately, I transferred them to the professor to get more candies that I could to evolve the ones with the highest CP.

I played Pokémon GO for less than an hour, and I managed to level up my character twice, and catch eight species of Pokémon. I will give it to Niantic and say that the current version of Pokémon GO is more polished for its release in the Philippines because based on the information I see online, the previous versions of the game really had a lot of issues.

It would be better if this was a video, but I don’t have the equipment and time to do all of that yet. Sound in the comments below and let me know about the first time you played Pokémon GO.

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