The Man Who Found His Freedom

Voices rattled in his ears, he didn’t want to be controlled
He wants to be free, but he’s afraid to stop doing what he’s told
For the alienating society might leave him out in the cold
But then he realized he has something to uphold.

He wants to be freed from the society’s controlling
So he covered his ears, and he finally heard his own mind speaking
“It doesn’t matter who you defy, you got to start fighting!”
And in that moment, he felt his own sparks flying.

He stood firm and started grasping for his liberty
“It’s time to revolt from the expectations of this cruel society
I have to be free, and live my life without all this negativity!”
He said as he walked away with the feeling of prosperity.

As he started walking, he thought he was going to feel alone
Then he started to feel valor as he goes into his zone
The happiness travelled from his toes to his occipital bone
Indeed, it is freedom, something that is definitely worthy to own.

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