A Deadly Combination

Most people would say that I have an attitude problem, and I’m trying to think of the reasons why they would be thinking that. For starters, most people would say upon meeting me that I’m a little snobbish, and sometimes rude. Continue reading “A Deadly Combination”


Top 10 Favorite Pokémon Game Characters

The changes in Pokémon has brought upon a lot of memorable moments in the game involving not only the player characters but as well as the background characters that make the story more colorful. Continue reading “Top 10 Favorite Pokémon Game Characters”

Where Are Our Heroes?

Andres Bonifacio, the Supremo of the Katipunan which started the Philippine revolution to seek independence for the Filipinos from Spain; Gabriela Silang, the first female revolutionary leader of the Philippines who also fought for Independence; Jose Rizal, the writer of two novels that awakened the Filipino’s spirit of nationalism and inspired the rebellion against the tyranny of Spain. These are just some of the well … Continue reading Where Are Our Heroes?

Journal Highlights: A Question Burned into My Memory

Burn into is an idiom that I never understood until I found this piece of paper stuck between the pages of my 2014 journal. Once I read what I had written in that piece of paper, it reminded me the tone of the person when the question was asked, and the way I had to hold onto my anger back then. Continue reading “Journal Highlights: A Question Burned into My Memory”

The Solace of Suicide and the Essence of Existence

The mind is a very powerful thing. It can create new thoughts and ideas; it’s a storage of all the happiest and saddest memories of your life; it can help us achieve anything we put it into; and it can empower us in a lot of other great things. The mind can serve us greatly, however, if we allow it, the mind can also destroy us. Continue reading “The Solace of Suicide and the Essence of Existence”

The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’

Do you know a man who admitted to having multiple wives and girlfriends but is deemed a hero of the nation by his illogical, bandwagon-riding, intellect-hating followers? Do you know a woman who is allegedly having affairs with another man based on hearsays and not evidences and is deemed immoral just because a man said so? If you are a Filipino, then you most certainly do. Continue reading “The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’”